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A downside to needing care from medical specialists is that they are frequently hard to schedule an appointment and challenging to travel to.

However, these physicians recognize the difficulty patients have traveling to see them in their home office. That’s why we work with regional medical specialists to provide time each month for them to offer appointments in Falls City.

The Community Medical Center staff works tirelessly to serve each patient, from appointment scheduling to completing the office visit, testing, or further procedures. Organizing medical specialists to provide easy-to-access care is one way we work to give back to our community and patients.

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Specialty Medical Services

Community Medical Center Outpatient Specialty Clinic provides local access to quality specialist physicians serving rural communities close to home.

The Specialty Clinic is conveniently located within Community Medical Center and offers a wide range of healthcare specialty services.



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"Dr Bajwa really cares about his patients. He takes the time to answer questions and even draws pictures to explain your situation!  He  takes time to listen to you and doesn't rush through your visit. After a procedure he checks on you several times in recovery. He is a blessing to me. "



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