Good Beginnings Program

Get Your Precious Newborn Off to a Great Start


Good Beginnings is a voluntary home visitation program designated to promote healthy families and healthy children. Sara Rue, RN, makes regularly scheduled visits, which is offered to any newborn and their family who reside in, or within 10 miles of, Richardson County.

More About Our Program

Good Beginnings will help with…

  • Child development
  • Access to health care
  • Parent education

Good Beginnings will help by…

  • Providing a comprehensive physical assessment of Post-Partum mothers and newborns
  • Promoting and enhancing positive parenting skills.
  • Educating parents on the growth and development of the child
  • Providing education on home safety

Good Beginnings will assist parents in…

  • Creating a healthy and nurturing home atmosphere for their child
  • Coping with and managing stressful situations that may arise in the home
  • Contacting other area agencies to assist the family in overcoming obstacles they may encounter
  • Strengthen the family unit as a whole

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Sara Rue, RN, Home Visitation Coordinator
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Our Mission:
To promote supportive environments that optimizes child growth and development and encourages resilient and healthy families.