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Hear Better. Live Better.

Do conversations seem muffled? Do you have a hard time hearing soft voices? Can’t hear the radio or TV without having the volume way up? Missing out on important conversations with loved ones? Are you having issues with balance?

Call today to see Dr. Matthew Lucas. He is able to identify, assess and manage hearing and balance problems in people of all ages.

How it Works

To explore your symptoms and/or learn about your (or your child’s) unique audiology needs, we encourage you to schedule a hearing test with HearSafe.

What We Treat

Dr. Lucas will do all your testing for hearing aides ordered by your provider.  You do not need an order or referral from your primary care practitioner to schedule an appointment.

Please note, the cost of hearing aides is generally not covered by Medicare or most insurance carriers. Medicaid might cover the cost, but it can take several months for a decision on that.

What To Expect

  • Please arrive 15 -30 minutes prior to your appointment.
  • You will check in with our admissions team. Please have your identification (Driver’s license or ID card) and a current copy of your insurance card. The admission staff will direct to the Outpatient Department.
  • Each specialist has their own forms they want you to fill out. While we do have your information, their clinics have different information and questions they will ask you. We are working on online forms for your convenience.
  • When the staff member takes you back to your exam room, they will take your weight (we know, none of us like it but it is necessary information), blood pressure, oxygen level, and ask you about your medications. (An updated list of meds is a must, especially for a first-time patient.)
  • Wait times for your appointment can vary. Some clinic visits with certain providers are scheduled around surgeries. Sometimes, surgeries run longer than anticipated. Your patience and understanding in those situations are greatly appreciated.
  • Blood draws sometimes are required for appointments. If they aren’t arranged ahead of time, you may have to step over to our lab and one of our laboratory team members will take care of you.

Matthew Lucas, Audiologist M.S.

Bachelor of Science, University of Hawaii in Speech Pathology and Audiology

Master of Science, Washington University in St. Louis in Speech and Hearing

Doctor of Audiology, University of Florida

Member of ASHA, The American Speech-Hearing-Language Association

Certified Clinically Competent in Audiology (CCC-A), ASHA

Private Practice Audiologist for over 20 years

Specialty: Audiology

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