Emergency Room in Richardson County

Emergency Room in Richardson County

Emergency Room in Richardson County


Emergency Room Services at Community Medical Center

Emergencies happen. People get hurt, and things go wrong. That’s when you need medical care you can count on.

The Community Medical Center can provide emergency room services to the people of Falls City and Richardson County. We pride ourselves on giving high-quality, safe care to all our patients.

That’s especially true when providing emergency care to the people of our community. Community Medical Center Emergency room is a Level IV Trauma center equipped for minor and major emergencies in Richardson County, NE. You can rest easy knowing you’re being cared for in a state-of-the-art facility outfitted to provide exceptional, safe emergency services.

No matter your healthcare needs, we are equipped to provide you with world-class healthcare.

Our Location

3307 Bill Schock Boulevard

Falls City, NE 68355


Emergency Services

The CMC Emergency Room is staffed 24/7 with hospitalists who are ATLS certified in advanced trauma care. Their primary job is to provide care for our ER patients.

The Community Medical Center team recognizes that an emergency room can be frightening. Dealing with physical or emotional trauma is stressful, especially when someone’s life is on the line. You can trust that when you come to CMC for medical treatment, you are being cared for by world-class healthcare and emergency services experts.

After Hours Helpline

402-245-4475 option #1. You will be directed to our after-hours nurse call line.

What do you do?
  • At 2 a.m.  you have a terrible stomach ache and the pain is out of the ordinary?
  • At 5 a.m. and my child is spiking a fever and won’t take medicine or drink anything to help?
  • I  tried over the counter medication for my cough but I can’t catch my breath and I am scared?

Our dedicated team of experienced nurses are here for you 24/7.

Individual Services

An ER nurse on staff at all times. All ER nurses are certified in TNCC, BLS, ACLS, PALS/ENPC, and NRP

4 multi-use treatment rooms, including 1 trauma bay, 1 cardiac bay, and 2 general ER rooms

1 treatment room designed for OB/GYN emergencies

Helipad for airlift arrivals/transfers

Hospital employed paramedics that assist our community on 911 calls

Decontamination room with trained Decon team on staff

Lucas II device to assist with CPR

What Our Community Has To Say

"Dr Bajwa really cares about his patients. He takes the time to answer questions and even draws pictures to explain your situation!  He  takes time to listen to you and doesn't rush through your visit. After a procedure he checks on you several times in recovery. He is a blessing to me. "



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Related Services

Emergency Medical Treatment & Labor Act (EMTALA)

In 1986, Congress enacted the Emergency Medical Treatment & Labor Act (EMTALA) to ensure public access to emergency services regardless of ability to pay. Section 1867 of the Social Security Act imposes specific obligations on Medicare-participating hospitals that offer emergency services to provide a medical screening examination (MSE) when a request is made for examination or treatment for an emergency medical condition (EMC), including active labor, regardless of an individual’s ability to pay. Hospitals are then required to provide stabilizing treatment for patients with EMCs. If a hospital is unable to stabilize a patient within its capability, or if the patient requests, an appropriate transfer should be implemented.