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A Legacy of Commitment & Care

Our mission is: Serving Others. Caring with Compassion. Making a Difference.

At Community Medical Center, we strive to live this mission every day. For over 100 years, CMC has served Falls City and Richardson County as a pioneer of healthcare in our community. The greatest legacy of our institution remains the people we’ve cared for. The people of Southeast Nebraska know they can turn to the Community Medical Center for quality healthcare and support.

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From Our Administrator

Dear Visitor,

Our patients are pretty special—often friends, family and neighbors we have known for years—and we look for special kinds of people to care for them.

The human body is astonishingly complex, and those that provide care must have the highest skills and training. At the same time, people are more than a physical body. They are individuals with hopes, dreams, and significance, and they need compassion, encouragement, and emotional support. Our patients count on us to be experts in the science of health care, but they also trust us to care about them as people. And our care givers trust their teammates and the organization to give them the training, tools, and support they need to provide the excellent, compassionate care we all expect.

We are built upon a tradition of service that has lasted for over a hundred years. Nurses that held patients’ hands through lonely nights. Doctors that came in for emergencies after already long days at the office. Technicians that utilized the latest technologies available to help confirm diagnoses. Therapists that worked with patients day after day, week after week. And countless clerks, aides, cooks and housekeepers that worked behind the scenes at sometimes unglamorous jobs because they knew that what we did collectively was making a difference.

While bodies are complex and the health system is often complicated, to us, the mission is simple:

Serving Others. Caring with Compassion. Making a Difference.

We thank you for visiting our website.


Ryan Larsen


Our Leadership

As leaders and advocates for CMC, our leadership team works to empower the Community Medical Center in our mission and our commitment to our Falls City Family.

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Making a Difference

CMC employees have played a vital role in patient care for many years. The opportunity to join our staff starts with filling out an employment application. We want you to join our team. Apply today.

CMC volunteers have played a vital role in quality hospital assistance for many years. Our volunteers contribute so much to the CMC team, and we invite anyone wishing to be a part of this group to contact Community Medical Center.


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