Community Medical Center Board of Directors

Board of Directors


Our Board of Directors' Mission

Since 1955, nearly one hundred community members have answered the call to voluntarily serve on our hospital’s Board of Directors. Today, the Board comprises nine men and women, representing a variety of skill sets, who meet monthly and provide leadership and guidance for the strategic direction of our organization.

Our Board of Directors meet monthly and each one serves on various Board committees that meet bi-monthly or quarterly. There is usually one meeting a year devoted specifically to strategic planning.

Board members serve three-year terms, with a maximum of three consecutive terms allowed. When a Board Member term limits out, a volunteer nominating committee is formed with representatives from the City of Falls City, Richardson County, Community Medical Center Medical Staff, and one Board Chair appointee to present potential candidates to the Board based on a recommendation of a skill set.

Currently, our board members have backgrounds in finance, legal, clinical, and educational areas. This diversity provides for a wealth of knowledge to guide CMC to remain fiscally and clinical sound for years to come.

Board of Directors


Nicole Mason,Esq. Chair

Steve Severin, DVM, Vice-Chair

Vicki Bangert, PA-C,  Secretary

Trent Scheitel, Treasurer

Barb Howard

Susan Johnson 

Debra Lewis

Adam Morris

Davin Turner, DO – Mosaic Representative

Medical Staff Representative

Allan Tramp, MD

Administrator (Non-voting)

Ryan Larsen, CEO