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With everyone’s busy lives, scheduling time for medical assessments or appointments can be difficult. Especially if you’re looking for a specialist whose office may be far away.

The Community Medical Center team believes that nobody should be denied quality medical care or consultations because of where they live. That’s why we offer telemedicine care alternatives for patients looking to speak with select non-local specialists!

Telemedicine is a real-time virtual visit with the patient in Falls City and the physician in a larger city. Specialized equipment allows the physician to view and examine health conditions and make an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

Our Location


P.O. BOX 399


Telemedicine Services

Our current Telemedicine specialty clinics include:

Nephrology (kidney)


Opioid addiction

What We Treat

Conditions we provide ongoing care for include:

Nephrology & Chronic Kidney Disease

Pancreatic Disease



Opioid Addiction & Dependence

Chronic Pain Management

What To Expect

Telemedicine appointments allow fast and easy meetings with medical specialists from the Community Medical Center of Falls City facility!


We like to keep up to date with our patients and ensure we have the most accurate information as we continue to treat you throughout the year. A visit begins by arriving at the office 20-30 minutes before your appointment and filling out any necessary patient information. Once you’ve filled out any necessary forms, your provider will see you as quickly as possible.

Virtual Consultation

Once your appointment has begun, we will bring you into a specialized treatment room where a monitor and care platform allows a nurse practitioner to assist your physician in a physical checkup and consultation regarding your health concerns.


If the specialist you’re seeing deems it necessary, the Community Medical Center will either perform same-day, or schedule, any necessary screenings, and tests. We will share this information with the specialist to give them a whole picture of your health and wellness. They can use this information to work with the patient to develop a treatment plan.

Next Steps

If you need additional screening or follow-up appointments with the specialist regarding your health concerns, we will work with you to schedule a follow-up appointment.

Why Turn To Community Medical Center of Falls City?

There are a lot of reasons to work with the incredible professionals at CMCFC. Our incredible facility, community engagement, and patient-centric approach—just to name a few. But some of the biggest reasons to work with our team are that we are:


Caring for our patients is our passion. When you come to CMCFC, you’re coming to a professional team that will always put your health first.


We will always listen. You know your health best, and when something is wrong we will hear you, believe you, and work with you to find a solution.


For over 100 years, Southeastern Nebraska has depended upon the Community Medical Center of Falls City for quality medical care. Our providers are experts in their fields and provide world-class care to our community.


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