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What is Community Medical Center Foundation?

The Foundation is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 corporation. The Foundation accepts donations of cash, stocks, commodities, land or pledged income.  This group of civic minded volunteers works to promote and support the needs of our hospital through fundraising efforts.

Why Donate to CMC Foundation?

Community Medical Center continues to grow and change to meet the ever-challenging health care needs of the our communities.

Facility Upgrades

Nursing Equipment Upgrades

Community Health & Wellness Programs

Low-Income Charity Assistance

Physician Recruitment

Health Education Scholarships

Donate Today

Your donation can be for general use or restricted use – meaning you designate where you would like your gift to be used. It’s simple to make arrangements through a family financial planner for some type planned giving donations or complete the CMC Foundation Donation form.

Families often make memorial donations for their loved ones who have passed. This is a lovely way to honor family members. There are memorial bricks for our beautiful healing garden, names on the donor wall, or perhaps helping without nature trail. There may be other opportunities also.

Please talk to your financial planner, accountant or legal advisor to discuss your options to donate.

You can also contact Linda Santo, Marketing and Events Coordinator for CMC Foundation at 402-245-6704 or send a message.

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