Full Left Right

Under the content tab, aelect the background of the wysiwyg. This will not affect the frontend. Add content to the wysiwyg.

Under the media tab, add the photo. You can change the focus, fit, and loading.

Under the layout tab, you can reverse the orientation, change the background color, choose to include the bubble, and the bubble color.

Label Name Type Notes
Content tab
Wysiwyg Background Color full_left_right_wysiwyg_background_color button_group
Text full_left_right_text wysiwyg
Media tab
Image full_left_right_image_id image (Clone of Utility : Image)
Image Focus Point full_left_right_image_focus_point button_group (Clone of Utility : Image)
Image Fit full_left_right_image_fit select (Clone of Utility : Image)
Lazy Load full_left_right_image_loading true_false (Clone of Utility : Image)
Layout tab
Reverse full_left_right_reverse true_false
Background Color full_left_right_background_color select
Include Bubble full_left_right_bubble true_false
Bubble Color full_left_right_bubble_color select