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Ryan Geiler

Ryan Geiler, BSHCA, MHA, has worked at CMC for since 2011. He is currently serving as the Director of Information Technology, Data Analytics and Population Health.  He has earned his Bachelor's Degree in Healthcare Administration and his Master's Degree in Healthcare Administration. Ryan says healthcare IT receives a great deal of venture capital and innovation—which means there is always new exciting technology and products entering the field. CMC is a very agile facility.  It is easy to take a concept, brainstorm it with peers, develop it into a workflow—and implement.  While this is ponderous at larger facilities, the flexibility of CMC allows for good ideas to become reality much quicker.  I also can state I work with my friends, not everyone can say that in their given profession. Outside of work he loves to hunt and get outside—anything to get away from technology at the end of the day!