Sleep Study Lab

If you are not sleeping well, or waking up feeling tired, ask about how Community Medical Center Sleep Center can help. Difficulty sleeping can be a sign that a sleep disorder has developed and may need to be corrected.

Signs of sleep disorder

  • Snoring
  • constant tiredness during the day
  • periods of stopped breathing during sleep
  • headaches after waking up
  • frequent indigestion or reflux
  • frequent waking up to urinate
  • restless legs while trying to sleep


Talk with your primary care practitioner about difficulty sleeping. Evaluation and testing for sleep disorders can be completed in your home or at Community Medical Center Sleep Center.

Call (402) 245 – 6522 to inquire about options.

Common disorders associated with Sleep problems

  • Sleep Apnea (snoring)
  • Insomnia (inability to fall asleep)
  • Narcolepsy (uncontrollable sleepiness)
  • Restless Leg Syndrome
  • Nightmares/Night Terror
  • Oxygenation Problem (breathing)