Hospital Charges

It can be difficult to understand and compare prices for hospital services. Surgical procedures and hospital stays may include multiple charge codes, and it is important to know which are included when comparing prices. Further, “list prices” typically do not reflect actual out-of-pocket expenses a patient will pay after insurance payments, network agreements, deductibles and other adjustments.

While we are happy to provide a list of our charges, we strongly recommend contacting our Patient Financial Services (PFS) department at (402) 245-6506 or for assistance. Our friendly staff will help estimate your likely total bill, as well as an expected out-of-pocket amount.

For a list of patient charges, click here Hospital Charges. The price list is updated annually. The price for some items may differ if the price charged by manufacturers and suppliers to the hospital changes. Prices for medications are based on the latest amount charged to the hospital.

Services may also incur professional bills from physicians that are separate from those billed by the hospital.

Again, please do not hesitate to contact CMC Patient Financial Services department.