Practitioner Opportunities

About CMC and Falls City

Community Medical Center offers a variety of Employment and Contracted Practitioner opportunities. Communities in Richardson County and surrounding areas rely on Physicians and trained specialists for routine and emergency health care close to home. CMC also provides support to local students pursuing careers in the medical field.

Current Medical Staff

CMC enjoys relationships with many types of practitioners and specialists to meet the needs of the communities, including: Family Medicine Physician with Obstetrics, Advanced Practice Registered Nurse/ Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant, Orthopaedic Surgeon, General Surgeon, Interventional Pain Management Physician, Emergency Medicine, Hospital Based Practitioners, Certified Nurse Anesthetists. To view the full list of specialties offered at CMC, please visit the Clinics page of our site. To inquire about open positions, please contact or


Why practice in Falls City?

Community Medical Center was recognized in 2019 and 2018 as a Top 20 Critical Access Hospital by National Rural Health Association (NRHA.) Community Medical Center was also recognized in 2019,  2018 and 2017 as a Top 100 Critical Access Hospital by iVantage.

Falls City and Community Medical Center offer many lifestyle advantages for rural health care practitioners.

Falls City Nebraska is the largest town in South East Nebraska. It is 10 minutes North of the Kansas border and 10 Minutes West of the Missouri border. Falls City is 2 hours from major metro cities Lincoln, Omaha, Kansas City, and Topeka.

Falls City is a modern rural town with updated streets, roads, and buildings with the small town charm of cobblestone streets and colonial style architecture. Community Medical Center history traces back to 1918, and the current building was constructed in 2009.


Falls City

Sacred Heart


Falls City offers a unique 18 hole Golf Course, a water park, City Library, fiber optic cable throughout town, a fishing lake, camping, disc golf course, fitness centers, and numerous volunteer organizations.

Health Care Resources

Healthcare resources in Falls City include a Critical Access Hospital, a Rural Health Clinic, Primary Care Clinics, Outpatient Specialty Clinic, Dental, Optometry, Nursing Homes, Home Health, Retail Pharmacies, and Behavioral Health facilities.

Medical Staff Rules and Regulations