F.I.T Program

Community-FITWhat does F.I.T. stand for?  Fitness Improved Together

What is F.I.T.?  A community wellness outreach program

Why participate in F.I.T.? It’s a great way to learn basic education on improving your overall health.  F.I.T. is easy, fun and affordable, and a wonderful place to meet like-minded people.

The CMC F.I.T. program operates annually with group sessions that are open to the public, specializing in current health information.

EXERCISE:  Walking, strength training, yoga, water aerobics and more are explored.

NUTRITION: Information on healthy cooking, weight loss, reading food labels and more are explained.

STRESS, SLEEP, LIFESTYLE plus more are discussed.

Health experts and specialists conduct presentations on a variety of health topics; diabetes, high blood pressure, heart health, foot health to name a few.

You can always find out about this program by contacting Linda Santo, CMC Marketing & Events Coordinator and Certified Health Coach at 402-245-6704 or lsanto@cmcfc.org