CMC Centennial Celebration-October 19, 2019

The Community Medical Center Centennial Celebration was a lot of fun!

Beautiful weather, great food, games and special people graced the event. We are blessed to live and thrive in this wonderful region. Thanks to all that helped and celebrated with us!

Centennial Picture Gallery

Marie Parsons Story                                                                                           Steven Scott Massin Story                                                 Terry Baxter Stradtman’s Story

The 100 year anniversary of the opening of the hospital in Richardson County was celebrated October 19, 2019. With this celebration we recognized some of those that pioneered health care in our community and made a difference in our history. We celebrate, we pay tribute to those that impacted the healthcare industry in Richardson County. We called them “Ground Breakers.” Here are a few.

CMC Ground Breakers-


 Dr. CL Hustead                                                             Dr. C.T. Burchard                                                       Sisters of Charity



Western County Doctors                                                                         Dr. L.V. Brennan