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Press Release


Press Release
November 21, 2013
From: Community Medical Center
Family Medicine Clinic
By: Ryan Geiler, Assistant Clinic Manager




Family Medicine is proud to announce a new home initiative called MyFamilyMed@Home. MyFamilyMed@Home is a secure and fast way for our patients to manage their health. Using our online Patient Portal, patients can access their health information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to;


  • Review their medications and request refills
  • Make appointment requests with your preference of day and time
  • Communicate with physicians using secure messaging
  • View recent lab results
  • Update demographic information
  • Browse health information and facts


Once your account is setup, you simply go to and sign on using a secure password to access the above features (From any computer or mobile device with internet access). Please stop by our clinic and our staff will be happy to help you setup your MyFamilyMed@Homeaccount today!