Community Medical Center3307 Barada Street - P.O. Box 399, Falls City,
NE 68355, Phone: (402) 245-2428

Patient Information




The admission department is located directly inside the main entrance of the hospital. Regular admission hours are 7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Please stop and register when you arrive. At the time of your admission, the hospital will verify information regarding your personal data. This information is confidential.



ID Bracelet


You will receive an identification bracelet when you are admitted. Because we must be sure of accurate patient identification at all times, we ask you to wear your bracelet throughout your stay. You may also be asked to wear other types of identification banding. For example, you may be asked to wear an allergy or blood administration band.



Advance Directives


If you have an advance directive such as a living will, healthcare proxy, or durable power of attorney for healthcare, please bring this form with you.



Patient Parking


Patients who drive to Community Medical Center may park in the east parking lot outside the main entrance. The hospital is not liable for any vehicles or belongings in vehicles left unattended in the parking lot.



For the Hard of Hearing


Phones are equipped with a device to increase volume for our hearing impaired patients.



Translation Services


Assistance is available for our patients that require translation services. Please ask your nurse.



Library Cart


Magazines are available upon request. Volunteers are available to bring the library cart around to each patient’s room.


Video Games and Movies


Video games and movies are available upon request. Please ask your nurse.





Mail is delivered unopened each day Monday through Friday; any outgoing mail is also picked up. After your dismissal, we will forward your mail to your home. A collection basket is available for outgoing mail which is picked up Monday through Friday.





The Falls City Journal is delivered on Tuesday.


Notary Public


Notary public services are available upon request.



Pastoral Services


Pastoral services are available upon request. Please ask your nurse.





Visits are offered daily Monday-Friday.



Patient Meals


Patient meals are served at:
7:30 a.m.
11:30 a.m.
5:30 p.m.
Snacks are available as ordered by your practitioner and as requested, according to your diet.





Laptops with wireless internet are available for checkout. Please ask your nurse.